The NRP Post – NASA

Dive into the captivating history of the NASA Research Park (NRP) and its industry partners through our comprehensive collection

The NRP Post – NASA

Dive into the captivating history of the NASA Research Park (NRP) and its industry partners through our comprehensive collection of magazines and articles. Spanning from the summer of 2006 to the present day, the NRP Post Archives offer a journey through time, chronicling the collaborative endeavors, breakthrough discoveries, and technological advancements within NASA’s research ecosystem. Discover the evolution of science, technology, and exploration as documented within the pages of our esteemed publication. into the captivating history of the NASA Research Park (NRP) and its industry partners through our comprehensive collection of magazines and articles. Spanning from the summer of 2006 to the present day, the NRP Post Archives offer a journey through time, chronicling the collaborative endeavors, breakthrough discoveries, and technological advancements within NASA’s research ecosystem. Discover the evolution of science, technology, and exploration as documented within the pages of our esteemed publication.

Current partners are encouraged to share their stories with NASA and our local communities. If partners do not have the time to prepare a story for the NRP post, the NRP team encourages partners to submit their latest press release and it can be included in the Post!

Please submit your stories and high quality photos (including captions) to:

4 | CMU Designed Satellite Launched Into Low-Earth Orbit
Brandon Lucia’s lab developed the Tartan-Artibeus-1 Satellite, the world’s first battery-less PocketQube satellite, deployed to low-Earth orbit aboard the SpaceX Transporter-3 Rocket

3 | CAL FIRE Operations at NASA Ames
CAL FIRE expands its firefighting and rescue operations at NASA Ames

6 | Breakthrough Initiatives and SETI Finding Signals
The blc1 signal is not alien – but it is a huge leap forward for SETI

10 | Hangar 1 Restoration Begins
Planetary Ventures began restoration efforts to Hangar 1 at NASA Ames

12 | RMV Develops ESD Evaluation Protocols
NASA Industry Partner Develops ESD Evaluation Protocols for Launch Integrity and CubeSat Startup Success

3 | Autonomous Systems and Robotics
Intelligent Robotics Group, USGS, and NOAA team demonstrate UAS streamflow mapping over the Sacramento River

4 | Iris Lunar Rover Meets Milestone for Flight
Ribbon cutting for new facility on the Center

6 | Innovatus Capital Partners teams with Verdigris Technologies
Verdigris teams with Capital Partners to reduce energy costs by bringing energy intelligence to its buildings

9 | USGS-Black Swift-NASA Partnership
USGS-Black Swift-NASA partnership to reduce volcanic hazards

12 | RMV Coming to you Virtually
Vermillion innovates a unique virtual platform in place of traditional “hands-on” learning

14 | NASA and USGS Partner to Measure
Stream Flow Remotely with UAS NASA and USGS are developing an autonomous UAS to map stream flow

3 | Farewell to Lauren Ladwig NASA Attorney
Mejghan Haider and the NRP Team wish great success to an amazing colleague and friend.

4 | California Air National Guard 129th
Rescue Wing – Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Moffett Ribbon cutting for new facility on the Center.

6 | CMU Orbital Edge Computing
CMU creating the computing systems to get us to outer space.

8 |USGS Now has Earthquake Early Warning System
Entire U.S. west coast now has access to ShakeAlert® earthquake early warning.

10 |Breakthrough Initiatives Finding Low Mass Planets
Imaging low-mass planets within the habitable zone of Centauri.

3 | Geoffrey Ament of STC Receives NASA Ames Contractor of the Year Award
NASA recognizes Mr. Geoffrey Ament’s accomplishments at Ames Research Center

4 | CMU Reducing Interference
ECE researchers were awarded a $1M NSF grant to investigate new ways to avert interference

6 | Breakthrough Initiatives Help to Look for Life in the Clouds of Venus
Initiatives to fund study into search for primitive life in the clouds of Venus

8 |RMV’s Hands on Approach to Education on ESD
RMV’s in person and virtual classes on electrostatic discharge by Bob Vermillion

10 |USGS’s Study on the Movements of Smaller Earthquakes
Study by USGS on how smaller quakes can actually shake more aggressively

3 | RMV to Provide Virtual Training and Risk Mitigation of Covid 19
RMV training for space and defense material han- dling of electronics
4 | Made in Space Acquired by Redwire
SpaceNews announces Redwire acquisition of Made In Space

6 | Collaboration of CMU and Tech Giants in Silicon Valley
Students at the Silicon Valley campus of CMU collaborate with Tech Giants in Silicon Valley

8 | Breakthrough Invite Looking for Signs of Extraterrestrial Life
Thousands of new planets found by TESS will be scanned for “technosignatures” by Breakthrough Listen partner facilities across the globe

10 |AUVSI – One Giant Leap for Silicon Valley
AUVSI Brings Together Industry Heavy-Hitters for Technical Discussions at NASA AMES

12 |CMU-SV Orbital Edge Computing
CMU working on getting humanity into space

14 |Metis Presents at AIAA Scitech Forum 2020
Metis working with NASA assisting in US Coast Guard training

15 | NASA Ames Photo Ops
Photos from the NRP.

3 | NRP Welcomes New Partners
NASA Research Park welcomes new partners Flirtey and AUVSI Silicon Valley to Moffett Field.

4 | Making Tracks in the Desert
Carnegie Mellon University’s Catherine Pavlov testing space rovers in the Atacama Desert.

6 | Coronavirus: Tech Firm Bloom Energy Fixes Broken U.S. Ventilators
Bloom Energy is helping out the effort in the United States by fixing broken ventilators.

8 | Made in Space 3D Printing in Orbit
Made in Space discusses the expanding use of 3D printing to NASA’s Jim Bridenstine.

10 | Producing Hydrogen Peroxide When and Where it’s Needed
Does a material exist that can be used to selectively, reliably, and efficiently form hydrogen peroxide whenever and wherever it’s needed?

12 | Bloom Energy Helps Customers Prepare for Wildfire Season
Bloom Energy launches quick deploy microgrid Program for PSPS Readiness and Power Outage Map.

14 | Eugene Tu Announces New Appointment
Eugene L. Tu announces the appointment of Verron “Ron” Brade as Ames Center Associate Director.

15 | NASA Ames Photo Ops
Photos from the NRP.

2 | USGS Ribbon Cutting
USGS ribbon-cutting ceremony on July 10th is key milestone for USGS move to Moffett Field
3 | NASA Administrator Visits SimLabs
Jim Bridenstine visits SimLabs flight simulators
5 | NASA Invests in 3D Printing
3D Printing in the aviation field, a future that NASA and CMU wish to be on the forefront
7 | Bob Vermillion Inducted into Military Packaging Hall of Fame
The National Institute of Packaging honor Bob Vermillion with induction into Military Packaging Hall of Fame
9 | Verdigris Helping Save Energy
New technology in familiar app makes it even easier for customers to save energy
11 | CMU Working on Buffering, Burstables, and Better Websites
Joe-Wong and Jiang are working on issues that can help everyone improve their experience on the web
13 | Eugene Tu Announces New Appointments
Janice Fried joined the Director’s staff as Mejghan Haider was appointed the Director of the NASA Research Park
14 | NASA Ames Photo Ops
Photos from the NRP

Collaboration Dr. Jim Reilly, Director of USGS visited Ames on to discus collaborative opportunities with Dr. Tu Director of NASA Ames
2 | Planetary Ventures Building at NASA Ames to Build Bay View Campus
Building of new Bay View Campus on track
3 | Airmap Working on Drone Recognition
Airmap continues to make mass use of drones a reality
5 | Bloom Energy
A closer look at Bloom Enegery
7 | RMV iNARTE® ESD Aerospace &
Defense Engineer
RMW receives highest level of ESD certification and training for NASA
9 | Verdigris Helping Save Energy
Verdigris Technologies announces latest smart building advancement
11 | Vasper – A Better Way to Workout
Vasper showing how a shorter workout using advanced technology is a better workout
13 | Bay Aera Environmental Research Institute
Numerical Model Simulates Entire Evolution of a Solar Flare for First Time
14 | NASA Ames Photo Ops
Photos from the NRP

1 | NASA’s Silicon Valley Housing
Development NASA is narrowing the search for the contractors to build on its Silicon Valley housing development
1 | CMU Team in NASA Mars Ice
Drilling Competition CMU looking to collaborate with NASA in Mars ice drilling
2 | New Partners
NRP Welcomes
2 | Orange Silicon Valley Finds Savings with Verdigris
Verdigris saving companies on energy costs in Silicon Valley
3 | Made In Space Wins Next-Gen
‘Vulcan” Contract Made In Space to make metallic components in space
4 | CMU – Footsteps to Preventing Falls
CMU coming up with technology to help prevent falls
5 | Boeing Investing in
Singularity University Boeing investing in global learning and innovation with Singularity University
5 | Interesting Podcasts
USGS has some interesting pod-casts you should hear
7 | Boreal & Stanford
Exploring Extreme Space Collaboration to explore extreme space environments
8 | Bob Vermillion Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
Bob Vermillion receives James A. Russell Lifetime Achievement Award
9 | Medal of Honor on Display
Moffett Museum has Metal of Honor on display
10 | Made In Space Bid on Archinaut​
Made In Space working on bid for next phase of Archinaut Development Program
11 | Rosenbert’s Mission at CMU
Rosenberg is on a mission at CMU’s Silicon Valley campus
12 | Photo Ops
Photos from the NRP

1 | New Chapter for NanoRacks
NanoRacks and Ixion team up to explore space together
1 | Made In Space 3D Printing
Made In Space continues to prove 3D printing in space does work including testing in a “space-like environment”
3 | Singularity University (SU) Announces SU Ventures
Partners being recognized in Spinoff 2017
4 | Eugene Tu Announces NASA Ames Deputy Center Director
Carol Carrol announced as new Deputy Center Director
5 | RVM Helping ONE NASA Program Managers
NanoRacks announced as Small Business Prime Contractor of the year
6 | CMU-SV Mentor Teens in Hackathon
CMU-SV working with students to make a better society through coding
7 | Moon Express & NanoRacks Working Together Beyond Earth Orbit
Looking for new breakthroughs
8 | USGS Using Real-Time Hydrologic Data
Spinoff features Verdigris and its energy conservation technology at Ames
8 | NanoRacks at Dubai Expo 2020
NanoRacks to attend Dubai Expo in 2020
9 | AirMap & Kespry and Drones
AirMap and Kespry team up on drone research and development
10 | Drones in the Matrix
CMU teaching drones to fly
12 | CMU and USGS Working Together
Crowd-sourced Geodesy to study earthquakes 

1 | Tools of Change
GSP Class talking technology. Where we are now and where it will take us in the future.
1 | First Commercial Interplanetary Mission
Deep Space Industries planning first commercial interplanetary mission
2 | SkyTran Bridge Loan
30 Mil series B financing
3 | Global Entrepreneurship
Lecture panel for 2016 a success
4 | Optical Fiber in Microgravity
Made In Space at the forefront of technologies in microgravity
5 | CMU-SV Wireless to the Rescue
When the wires go down CMU and its drones are there to fix the problem
7 | Wireless Emergency Alert Technology
CMU Working with FCC for Emergency Wireless Alerts
10 | Modern Requirements Management
CMU Teaching future leaders for Fortune 100 companies
11 | CMU-SV’s Welcomes Vivek Wadhwa
Vivek Wadhwa Joins Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley
12 | Geo Cosmo Honored
GeoCosmo honored at NASA Research Park
12 | Jason Dunn
Jason presented the future of making things in space
12 | Photo Recognition
NRP Photos and Recognition

1 | Next Generation Space Manufacturing Program 
Made In Space chosen to work on next generation of space manufacturing
1 | 3D Printer to Go Into Space
Made In Space to put printer into Internation Space Station
2 | New Partners
NRP Welcomes
2 | Appointment of Janice Fried

Ms. Janice Fried appointed as Director of the NASA Research Park
3 | Energy Tracker by Verdigris
Verdigris announces newest building intelligence platform: Energy Tracker
4 | NASA, Aerodynamics & Sports Balls
Dr. Rabindra Mehta, chief of the Experimental Aero-Physics lecture on sports ball aerodynamics
5 | Carnegie Mellon University – SV
Partner with Cheetah Mobile to improve mobile advertising
6 | NRP Showcased
NRP showcased in Spinoff Magazine 2016
7 | CMU-SVʼs Karishma Shah
Karishma Show Honored with Forbes 30 Under 30 2016
9 | DMI Brings Wireless to Nepal

DMI helping Nepal bring communication back after earthquake
10 | Making History Again
Made Ins Space featured on NBC Bay Area
11 | NASA Ames Hosts GIDEP
NASA Ames hosts GIDEP for RMV site visit
11 | Connect 2016 a Big Hit
Big ideas make a big hit for Connect 2016

1 | Messages from Charles Bolden
Please Welcome Deputy Administrator Dava Newman & Announcement of New Ames Center Director
1 | Messages from Center Director
Selection of NASA Ames Research Center Deputy Center Director
2 | New Partners
NRP Welcomes
2 | NASA Research Park
NASA Research Park Wins Bright Idea Award
3 | SETI Institute
Pascal Lee Wins Children’s Book Prize
4 | Moon Express
An Audacious Plan to Mine the Surface of the Moon
6 | Rhombus Power Inc.
Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Rhombus as New Product Innovation Leader
6 | Rhombus Power Inc.
Mercury Headed to International Space Station
7 | NASA Research Park
NRP & DOC work together for National Event
8 | Singularity University
24-year-old Wins India’s First Smart City Contest; Winning Entry Focuses on Pollution Free Cities for India
10 | Singularity University
Google Pledges $3M to put Students through Singularity University Program
10 | Photozig
PepBlast Motion Pictures, the Slide Show Maker with Music, is Launched
11| Vasper
Liquid Cooling Technology Increases Exercise Efficiency
12 | RMV Technology Group LLC
NRP Research Center Veteran Owned Company Receives SBA Business Award & NIPHLE Packaging Engineering Award
13| Scanadu
Scanadu Raises $35 Million From Fosun, Tencent for Its Health Scanner
13| Made In Space
Made in Space, Now Taking Orders
14 | skyTran
skyTran™, Inc., Entered into an Agreement with Sustainable Systems of Colorado
15 | NeuroVigil
NeuroVigil Closes 2nd Financial Round
16 | NeuroVigil
Neurotech Goes Global: Tens of Thousands of Brains Coming Online

1| Innovation Space
1| PocketQube​
2| New Partners
3| A Day at Singularity University
3| CO2 Workshop
7| Singularity University GSP
7| reQall’s reqallable App
8| M2Mi/Electrical Grid
9| M2Mi/Sarah Cooper
9| Taksha University
10| Rhombus
11| Made In Space
12| skyTran
13| OpenNEX
13| Space Development Panel
14| UAV Collaborative
14| CMU Alerts
15| RMV
16| Mars Institute
18| Google Lunar XPRIZE
18| Scanadu/Smartest City
19| LatIPnet
20| CMU Software
21| Planners Collaborative
21| Polish Delegation
22| Connect Bogota
23| Bloom Energy Japan
23| Bloom Energy Earth Day
24| Medical Technology Panel

1| NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Institute (SSERVI)
1| Moon Express
1| The Sky Isn’t the Limit
2| New Partners
5| Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project
6| IPADE Business School Visit
7| LatIPnet: Sustainability and Living Lab
8| NRP Lecture: Planetary Sustainability for Survival and Profit
9| CMU Names Bob Iannucci to Head SV Campus
9| KleenSpeed Collaborates with Oracle Team USA
10| Space Portal Leaders at AIAA Space 2013
11| ‘Maker’ Ideas Wanted for First 3D Printer in Space
11| BASF Extends Agreement with Apprion
12| Scanadu: Tricorders and the Idea of Mapping One’s Body
13| RMV Capabilities
14| NASA Begins Exploring Quantum Computing
16| Getting City Commuters Out of Their Car—SkyTran
17| Wyle Sponsors Rocket Launch
18| Kentucky Space
19| Vasper: Biomimicry and Cooling Technologies for Sports Rehabilitation
20| reQall Rover App
21| Singularity University Features Female Entrepreneurs at CROWDFUNDxWOMEN
21| Intrinsyx’s Wireless Technology for Space Applications
23| NeuroVigil Opens Satellite Research Lab

1| 2013 West Summit
1| NASA’s IRIS Launched with Antennas from CMU-SV Startup X5 Systems
1| Made in Space Bringing 3D Printing to Space 
2| New Partners 
4| Managing Irrigation from Space 3 World’s First Mission to Moon’s South Pole 
6| CMU-SV Director Martin Griss to Step Down, Continue as Research Scientist 
7| Space Artists Converge on the NASA Research Park 
8| CREST/SCU Program Recognized by the National Academy of Engineering
8| Santa Clara University and Space Portal Aerospace Innovation Events 
9| NASA’s Newest Virtual Institute Celebrates First Anniversary 
10| First Field Simulation of Human Exploration of Near-Earth Asteroids, Phobos, & Deimos 
10| Mars Institute: Educating Future Mars Explorers
11| Bloom Energy in Japan
14| NewSpace 2013 and AIAA Joint Propulsion Conference
14| Verdigris Technologies Named Winner
15| Real-Life ‘Star Trek’ Tricorder Project Raises $1 Million
17| Quantum Supercomputer
18| NASA ROSES Seagrass/Coral Reef Project
19| Singularity University’s Graduate Studies Program
20| RMV Technology Group Invited to Chair G-19 & G-21 Sub-Committee Packaging Engineering Working Groups

1| Google Starting Construction on New Campus
1| BBC TV Visits NRP
2| New Partners 
2| New Company in NRP Brings Back Former NASA Employee 
3| BBC World News Launches New Series of Horizons 
3| Space Portal Delivers 

6| NASA Invites Media to Showcase of Solutions Finalists
7| May 23 Showcase of Solutions for Planetary Sustainability
7| What if You Could Mine the Moon?

9| Wattminder, Inc. Building Stem Education Resources
10| STC’s Education Outreach 
11| Tibion’s Bionic Leg 
12| NASA Ames and Swedish National Space Board Join Forces to Integrate and Test AAC Microtec 6U Satellite
12| PepBlast eCards App Approved by Apple iTunes App Store 

13| First ICES Workshop Held Among USGS, NASA and CMU-SV
13| Newly Renovated Carnegie Mellon Innovations Laboratory Unveiled 

14| M2Mi Celebrates 7 Years with NRP 
15| Kentucky Space Announces Space Tango
15| NASA Pod Transports Are Close to Reality—in Tel Aviv

16| Intrinsyx Technologies Corp. Empowers Biological Research on the ISS 
17| Chandah Collaborations Underway
18| University Associates Silicon Valley

1| Singularity Hub Acquired! Now Part Of Singularity University
1| Personal Health Tricorders Made at NASA Ames
2| New Partners
2| NASA Research Park Post Editor’s Farewell
3| Peter Diamandis Inspires Crowd at December 2012 NRP Lecture
5| Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley Holds 3rd Annual DMI Workshop
5| Entrepreneurship Program at CMUSV Opens with Idea Workshop 
6| CMUSV and NASA Researchers Map Underground Faults Using UAS
9| Wyle Employees Receive 2012 Agency Honor Award from NASA
10| Verdigris Technology Plans Smart Grid Shakeup with Building AI
11| AAC Microtec-Supported 1U CubeSat Successfully Launched from ISS in October
12| Mars Institute: We are Go for Mars 
14| RMV Developments 
15| IntraPoint Continues to Establish itself as the Global Leader in Enterprise Resiliency
15| ARCTek 3

1| CMUSV 10th Anniversary
1| President of Bulgaria Visits NRP
2| New Partners
4| NASA Earth Exchange
5| Airship Venture’s Zeppelin Airship Pilot School
6| NASA Lunar Science Forum
8| NASA Roses Seagrass/Coral Reef Project
9| Hangar One UAV Project
10| Kentucky Space Developments
11| PepBlast Animated eCards
12| KleenSpeed Wins Refuel 2012
12| KleenSpeed Battery
13| NRP Hosts UN leaders
14| Bloom Energy Brings on Big Customers
15| Singularity University’s Summer Graduate Studies Program
15| Google’s Cyborg Glasses
16| Moon Express New Hires

1| N-CITE to Enhance NASA NRP Collaborations
1| Photozig–New Apps, Programs, & Webnovela
2| New Partners
3| CMUSV Tenth Anniversary
4| Singularity University Brings in Gabriel Baldinucci 
5| NASA Awards Moon Express New Task
6| Moon Express: A New Breed of Space Explorers
6| AAC Microtec & Ames’ First Plug-and-Play Compatible Spacecraft
7| Ray Kurzweil Talks About ‘Singularity’
8| G​aryAir Participates in Technical Interchange Meeting
9| NASA and CMUSV Host “Big Data Management”
11| Is Vasper Really the Exercise of the Future?
14| NRP Lecture Series Hosts Disaster Resiliency Panel
17| STC Sponsors First Journal of Small Satellites
17| STC’s Science and Technology International Education Program
17| Taksha University Courses 
18| In Memoriam: Rich Davies

1| Proposal Featuring SkyTran Wins Judges’ Choice
1| New Partner Scanadu
3| Next NRP Lecture
4| FutureMed Program
5| Singularity University’s New CEO
6| Eureka is Back at Moett
7| Disaster Management Technologies
8| NASA WRAP in Next-Gen EOC
8| CMUSV Designated CUDA Research Center
9| SkyTran’s Magnetic Pods
10| reQall’s N. Rao Machiragu
10| Photozig’s New App
11| Bloom Energy
12| KleenSpeed KAR
13| KleenSpeed E-BIKE
14| A Rewarding Year for Intrinsyx
15| Intrinsyx Open House
15| ACE Manufacturing Developers visit NRP
15| Students and Professors Meet NRP Innovators
16| Delegation from Mexico Visits NRP

1| Kentucky Space on ISS
1| Moon Express Lunar Lander
2| New Partners
3| Google Lunar X Names New Chief
4| KleenSpeed EV-X11
4| KleenSpeed Eiata
6| CMUSV Disaster Management
8| FutureMed Executive Program
9| Packing for Mars NRP Lecture
10| Benetech – Technology for Humanity
11| Intrinsyx Showcase
12| Pete Conrad Spirit of Innovation Award
13| Airship Ventures Tour
13| Taksha University
14| Five9 Network Systems
15| ReQall Rover
16| Moon Express Announces Chief Scientist

1| Vasper Systems California, LLC
1| E-Green Technologies, Inc.
2| New Partners
3| NRP Lecture Series with Dr. KR Sridhar
4| LatIPNet with Dr. Meyya Meyyappan
5| TakshaShila University
8| Silicon Valley Space Business Round Table with Dr. Peter Diamandis
9| interACT Presidential Summit
10| Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley
11| Intrinsyx
11| Gary Air
13| Women @ the Frontier
13| Purdue University’s West Coast Partnership Center
14| JUSTAP Conference
14| Kentucky Space
15| BloomBoxes at Adobe HQ
16| Dignitaries Visit NRP
16| Exploration of Phobos & Deimos

1| NASA Ames/ NASA Research Park
1| KleenSpeed
1| Singularity University
2| New Partners
3| UCSC Silicon Valley Initiatives: Gordon Ringold
4| Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley
8| Kentucky Space/ Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation
9| United Negro College Fund Special Programs
9| Google: Tiff any Montague
11| RMV Technology Group
12| reQall
14| Airship Ventures

1| Bloom Energy
2| CMSV: Advanced Communications & Disaster Management
6| Unimodal Systems LLC 5 California Native Gardens
7| Space Business Roundtable: Cureton Event
8| Airship Earth
9| Space Systems/LORAL: Propulsion System for Moon Exploration
10| Bright Green Energy, USA
11| Singularity University 2010 Graduate Studies Program
12| Khalid Al-AliAppointed Executive Director of UARC
12| NASA 70th Anniversary Gala
13| Tibion Corp New CEO 
13| Dan Bolfi ng/Zystech
15| CMU: 1991 Cold-Case Criminal Investigation
16| Yuri’s Night
17| Conrad Foundations 2010 Spirit of Innovation Awards
18| Airship Ventures
20| Economics Benefit Study
20| Moffett Museum Open House

1| NRP’s Center for Robotic Exploration and Space Technologies
1| SV STAR, Inc. brings Green Aviation Research to Ames
2| CREST Aerospace Innovation Competition
3| Next Generation Inventors Win $750,000 in Robotic Digging Competition
4| NASA Ames: Water Found on the Moon
5| NASA Partner to Revolutionize Personal Transportation
5| reQall, Evernote Work Together to Retrieve your Notes
6| Kris Kimel, Innovator, Educator, Visionary
6| Kentucky Space Part of Venture Involving Space Station
7| Responsive Access to Space Technology Exchange Coming to the NASA Research Park in 2010
8| University Associates-Silicon Valley, LLC Selects Team Led by TMG Partners and The Related Companies
8| University Associates – Silicon Valley LLC Delivering the Future, a Sustainable Community for Research, Education and Innovation
9| Scientists Conduct Successful First Test Flight of X-SCAV UAV
10| How Time Flies– Happy First Anniversary Airship Ventures!
11| NASA Conducts Airborne Science Aboard Zepplin Airship
12| Pascal Lee Delivers Mars Lecture, Part of NRP Public Lecture Series
13| Ecliptic CEO Ridenoure Draws Crowd for November LCROSS Lecture in NRP Public Lecture Series
13| NRP’s Green Trail Energy Supports Desert Rats
15| Students Celebrate Diwali on Campus
16| NRP Leaders Discuss STEM Education Initiatives
16| Dante Zeviar, VP Electric Technology, wishes everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year from the KleenSpeed team!

1| NASA Research Park Hosts Exploration and Sustainability EXPO
2| University Affiliates, LLC – RFQ Submittals Announcement
3| NRP and NASA HIghlights at Exploration and Sustainability EXPO
5| Santa Clara University Students Operate PharmaSat​
5| KleenSpeed/Thruxar Electric Race Car Wins 1st Overall at Laguna Seca Alternative Vehicle Time Trials

6| Civilization in a Box
6| The Other Kind of Green (it’s about the money)

7| KleenSpeed – Does it Move You?
8| m2mi Helps Reboot Computing with the Magic and Beauty of Computer Science
8| LCROSS Spacecraft to Search for Water on the Moon 

9| California Space Authority Unveils Plans to Support Lunar Rover Development
9| NewSpace 2009 Conference at NRP

10| Carnegie Mellon Names Martin L. Griss to Head Innovative Silicon Valley Campus
10| Second Age of Carnegie Mellon in Silicon Valley

12| 2009 NSTI Summer Scholars and Faculty Fellows
14| AV’s Zeppelin NT – Multi-tasking at its Best!
15| Singularity University Panel on Humanity’s Grand Challenges
16| The World’s Best and Brightest are Here — International Space University and Singularity University Sessions Underway
18| NRP Deputy Director Report from ISU HQ
18| Blue Agaves Planted by Bldg. 19

19| Hands-On with Electrostatic Discharge — ESD and Tribocharge Measurements at NASA’s Science Technology Showcase are for Kids, Too
19| Transportation Leaders Discuss Unimodal Personal Rapid Transit for NRP
19| Lunar Science Forum at NRP

20| Honors for reQall, Inc
20| KleenSpeed Board Announcement


1| NASA, Universities Unveil Plans to Build New Campus at NASA Research Park
2| Looking for Water on the Moon
2| NRP Welcomes New Tenants
2| RMV Brings Electrostatic Mitigation Expertise to NRP
3| KleenSpeed Technologies, Inc. — a Mission to Develop Scalable Electric Propulsion Systems for the Transportation Industry
4| Driving Across Northwest Passage to Make Polar History
5| Tibion Corporation – Redefining Mobility 
5| NRP Partner Tibion, Winner of Emerging Medical Device Award, Featured on ABC 7 News Robotic Knee Can Reprogram Brain
6| NASA Research Park Home to Newly Launched Singularity University
6| ISU Countdown – International Space University Space Studies Program 2009
7| Western Disaster Center Local Facilitator of ISU Summer Session Team Project
8| NASA and NRP Partner Google Launch Virtual Exploration of Mars
8| NRP’s UNCFSP-NSTI Information Technology and Emerging Technology (UNITE) Research Cluster arrives at NASA Ames Research Center
8| Exciting New Program for Faculty from Minority Institutions Comes to NASA Ames 
10| NASA Ames and Airship Ventures Increase Cooperation
12| Sensor Andrew – Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley’s ‘Smartest’ Project
13| An Evolving Campus Constructing Facilities of the Future 
14| Changene Lab Granted Australian Patent
14| UAV Collaborative Seeks FAA Approval for UAVs
15| The Latest in Technology from the NY Times — NRP’s reQall Adds Location-Based Reminders
16| NRP Presents “Exploration and Sustainability” EXPO
16| TopQuadrant Offers Webinars “Using SPARQL for Dynamic Business Applications” 
16| International Space University Space Studies Program 2009: NASA Research Park NASA Ames Research Center
16| 2nd Annual Lunar Science Forum July 21–23, 2009

1Ames and Airship Ventures Celebrate Moffett Field’s 75th Anniversary and Airship’s Return
2| NASA Ames Team Wins the San Jose Business Journal “Deal of the Year” Award for Google Lease 
2| NRP Welcomes New Tenants
3| Tibion Wins Silicon Valley Emerging Technology Award (ETA) for Medical Devices
3| Intrinsyx Technologies Receives NASA Ames 2008 Award for Small Business Subcontractor of the Year
4| Intelligent Systems Research and Development Support Contract Goes to Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies (SGT, Inc.) 
4| GaryAir Partners with Ames’ Flight Deck Display Research Lab (FDDRL)
5| Kentucky Space Celebrates Successful Launch
5| reQall Shines at Stanford Summit CEO Showcase
6| Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley Grads Toss Hats at NASA Research Park 
6| CMIL’s MAX Goes to the Arctic Alone
8| Historic Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery at NASA Research Park
9| The Future Comes to NASA
10| A Challenging Golf Experience at Your Doorstep

1| NRP Partners Shine at Yuri’s Night
1| NASA and Google Announce Lease at Ames Research Center
2| NRP Welcomes New Tenants
3| Airship Ventures and Moffett Field – a Natural Partnership
4| NASA’s Lunar Science Institute at NRP
5| Planners Collaborative, Inc. receives NASA Honor Award for Public Service Group Achievement 
5| Tibion Collaborates with Stanford University’s Biomechanical Engineering Group
6| Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation and NASA Ames Collaboration In Full Swing
7| Apprion Names Mike Bradley CEO
7| NASA Ames Partners with m2mI for Small Satellite Development
8| Carnegie Mellon West Announces Launch of a new Full-time MS Software Engineering Program
8| Carnegie Mellon West and UC Berkeley Hosted One-Day Conference on The Mobile Future
10| UCSC Deeply Invested in Silicon Valley
10| UCSC and NASA: Allies in Innovation
11| Campus and Industry Representatives Discuss Benefits of Partnerships in Silicon Valley
12| NASA Research Park Historic Building 20 Restoration
14| LifeZig Personalized Reminiscence Video with Free Slideshows and Music for Individuals with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

1| International Space Station National Lab Workshop “Going Where Our Intuition No Longer Applies”
1| Apprion Provides “Cheapsat” Communication
1| Nobel Laureate on NRP Lecture Panel
2| NASA Ames Spacecraft to Search for Lunar Water Ice
2| NRP Welcomes New Tenants
2| 21st Century Information Management at UCSC
3| UAV Collaborative at NRP
4| Yuri’s Night at NASA Ames Research Center
4| Kentucky Space Express Mission Update
5| Photozig Albums Express Receives “Killer Download” Award 
6| Moffett Field Museum
10| Carnegie Mellon West Grads Toss Hats at NRP 
10| Carnegie Mellon Tartan Racing Wins DARPA Urban Challenge and goes for Lunar X Prize
11| Carnegie Mellon Appoints Dr. Khalid Al-Ali Director of Research at West Coast Campus
11| Carnegie Mellon West & NASA Collaborate on Sub Vocal Control
12| CMIL’s Award-Winning Research Faculty
16| NRP Photos

1| Silicon Valley Center for Robotic Exploration and Space Technologies (CREST) Open House
1| The Carnegie Mellon Innovations Lab (CMIL)
1| Technology Showcase Attracts Silicon Valley Companies, Highlights Collaboration
2| New NRP Partner Terra Global Capital Collaborating with NASA World Wind Project
2| Entrepreneurial Space Summit at Space Portal
2| NRP Welcomes New Tenants
2| In Memoriam
3| AWC Supports Great Quake Exercise
5| He Was a Bold Man Who First Ate an Oyster
7| CREST Students & Western Disaster Center at USGS
7| Apprion Names VP of World Wide Sales
7| m2mi Update
7| Enroll at CMU West
10| UCSC Advanced Studies Lab Proposal Solicitation 
10| IISc Global Conference
10| UCSC Summer Courses
10| UCSC Fall Courses

1| NASA and Google Sign Formal Agreement
1| CREST Evolves from Space Technology Center
1| NRP Partner Changene Granted Patent
2| NRP Exploration Lecture Astronaut Tom Jones
2| Apprion Receives Trade Accolade
2| NRP Welcomes New Tenant 
2| QTech Launches Voice-activated Memory Solution
3| Space Portal Update
3| NASA Ames Partnership Office presents Technology Showcase
4| Carnegie Mellon West Launches Masters in Software Management
4| UCSC Expands Academic Program at NRP
5| Opportunity Knocks at UNCFSP Online Registration
5| Carnegie Mellon West and UC Berkeley Host April Conference on the New Software Industry
7| Agenda set for Planetary Defense Conference
7| Photozig Commercial Release
7| Advanced Wireless Communications at NRP 
8| Tibion Accelerates PowerKnee Development
10| Other News
10| Upcoming Events
10| NASA Ames Partnership Office at Space 2006

1| NASA Research Park Welcomes M2Mi
1| SPACE PORTAL your Friendly Front Door to Commercial Space
1| NASA Science and Technology Institute for Minority Institutions at NASA Research Park
2| NRP Welcomes New Tenants!
2| Photozig Releases the Ultimate Digital Photo Album for Consumer
2| Good News for Changene Patent Process
3| NASA AND U.S. Forest Service Test Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Wildfire Capabilities
3| NRP Annual Summer Picnic
4| Bigelow Spacecraft Carries NASA ‘Genebox’ for Test in Orbit
4| e4Xchange Corporation Obtains CA State Certification
5| Carnegie Mellon West
5| University of California Silicon Valley Center
5| UCSC regularly offers Information System Management (ISM) classes at NRP, Bldg. 19.
6| All NRP Partners are eligible to use the Ames Child Care Center
6| Upcoming Events
6| The Value Proposition for Space

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