PM Shares Artificial Intelligence Concern

PM Modi was speaking at the start of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence in Delhi (File). New Delhi:

PM Shares Artificial Intelligence Concern

PM Modi was speaking at the start of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence in Delhi (File).

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday red-flagged threats posed by Artificial Intelligence, or AI, including deepfake technology, at a global summit in Delhi. Inaugurating the event, the Prime Minister said he expected great things of AI and that it has “the potential to revolutionise India’s tech landscape”.

This, however, has to be balanced against misuse, particularly by terrorists, he said.

“AI has several positive impacts… but it could also have many negative impacts and this is a matter of concern. AI can become the biggest tool to help humanity’s development in the 21st century. But git can also play a major role in destroying us. Deepfake, for example, is a challenge for the world.”

A deepfake is a type of synthetic media that uses AI to manipulate, or generate, visual and audio content, often with a malicious motive, to appear authentic.

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“AI tools in the hands of terrorists is also a big threat. If terrorists get AI weapons (a reference to autonomous weapons powered by artificial intelligence that can operate without human intervention), this will have a huge impact on global security. We need to plan how to tackle this.”

The Prime Minister began his speech on a positive note, speaking about how youngsters are to harnessing AI to drive social change. “With the help of AI, we are working to transforming the health sector… mantra of development in India is everyone’s support, everyone’s department,” he said.

“The government will take full advantage of AI… will launch a big development drive. This will give innovators a big boost (and) there will be benefits in the health and agriculture sector.”

However, AI also has the potential to destroy the world as we know it, PM Modi said.

“If AI weapons reach terrorist organisations, it could pose a threat to global security. We have to move quickly to create a global framework for ethical use of AI among G20 countries. We have to take such steps together (so) that we take responsible steps,” the Prime Minister said.

Last month the Prime Minister called for measures to ensure AI is safe for all sections of society, and urged G20 nations to work together on this issue. “AI should reach people (but) has to be safe…”

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He made a similar pitch in August too, just before India hosted the G20 Summit. Then the PM had called on business communities and governments to work together for the ethical use of AI.

Warning calls about the negative impact of AI come amid growing concerns in India and abroad over illegal and unethical use of the tool, including creation of doctored images as in the case of actors Rashmika Mandanna, Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, and Priyanka Chopra Jones.

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Justice Hima Kohli of the Supreme Court has already voiced her concern At an event last week she said, “… (deepfakes) raise alarms regarding privacy invasion and propagation of misinformation.”

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The government has amended sections of the IT Rules to ensure compliance of platforms in helping users identify and red-flag potentially disruptive content, whether deepfake or otherwise.

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